An art project
Leipzig and Moscow

– 27.3.


15:00 Press Conference
18:00 Party

Organized and curated by Maxim Ilyukhin (Moscow) and Tine Guenther (Leipzig)


Fr, 15. März, 6PM –
Sa, 16. März, 12AM


The selection of artists is determined by variety and ability to work on-site, as well as an openness to the engagement in a new experience, communication and the unknown. They are all contemporary artists. They are to influence* and enrich one another, not ignoring the possibility of debate and friction. The artists come from different directions, like installation, painting, photography, performance, video, sound and digital art. Many of them do not work only in a specified area, but rather with all media. The age of the participating artists is between mid-twenties and fifty.


In March 2013 there will be a joint exhibition with Russian and German artists on the grounds of ARTPLAY in Moscow. The idea is to create a ten-day, temporary art hotel for the artists, where they work together, eat, sleep and communicate. ARTPLAY features an exhibition hall of 1000 sqm over 2 floors, with 100 sqm large dormitories, showers and toilets are also available. In addition to this, a temporary kitchen and bar will be installed. The artists will build, in one week together, a show. Its possible to watch the process in visits to the hotel. March 15, 2013 is DAY X, where the project will culminate in a party with performances, music and DJ´s. The artist to artist cluster situation must be opened to the audience and the public: Art as a link between the individuum and society.


ARTPLAY is similar to the Spinnerei in Leipzig, a former self-contained industrial ground on which there are many working spaces and galleries of art and design. The exhibition hall is located in the center of the site. Enabling the Leipzig artist to establish a connection, an alien but yet strangely familiar world seems to be offered here. For the Leipzig artists this will be a challenging adventure into the unknown.


The curating content of the exhbition is the given transit-situation of a Hotel: the living artists doing side-specific contemporary art. To the artists are not given any other curating handicaps. They are responsible to develop their own ideas and solutions together. In case of any problems or disagreement the curators will help to find a basic result. Of course there is also the idea to develop a network between Russian and German artists, with a major focus being actual fellow human contact and direct communication. The spectrum of possibilities of interaction is between healthy competition and teamwork in unknown situations. The group of participating artists is a size that is not too small and not to big, yet manageable.


There is an internet platform to support the participating artists.The communication has already started. A documentation of the process will be visible. Each artist has been tagged and can exchange in the electronic cloud before the actual encounter with the others in the form of blogging. Such connections will be virtually seen, existing through our global digital network. Also, as with the hotel there are visitors or residents. The users of the cloud have a slug or real life based identity.